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Scenic Painting

August Wilson: A Writer's Landscape

Lead Scenic Artist
Flyspace Productions for The August Wilson African American Cultural Center, February - April 2022
Project Manager: Tom Brown
Scenic Painters: Amun Ray, Rosie Villano, Treasure Treasure


Into The Woods

Scenic Painter, Worked primarily with the tree

Carnegie Mellon University, January - March 2020

Paint Charge: Beth Zamborsky

Designer: Katherine Sharpless

Model Abandoned Room

Designer & Creator

Class Project, March 2021

1/2" Scale model of an destroyed and abandoned room based off a text excerpt

Stump Home Scenic Painting Project

Designer, Construction, & Painter

Class Project, Spring 2020

Completed at home w/ modifications during COVID-19 quarantine

Mounted Cow Head

Designer, Construction, & Painter

Summer 2020

Quarantine project, cardboard structure, paper mâché, and tissue paper flowers